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Every Song I Ever Heard Volume 1

Every Song I Ever Heard Volume 1

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6x9" black and white 28 page cover to cover zine with correlating QR code playlists at the end! (Spotify & YouTube) Matte 70# text weight paper "A non- chronological memoir no one asked for" EVERY SONG I EVER HEARD volume one Everyone has at least one song they accociate with someone. One record they can’t listen to anymore because of their ex, one song writter they can’t stand because their songs played one too many times at the cafe they worked at. Other times its a commercial that came on and you and your friends made up another tune to go along with their tune. Welp in this lil book I share with you some of my experiences, and ear worms I can’t seem to shake. Take what you will from it, I hope at least you get a few laughs. ENJOY THE RIDE XOXO YOUR PAL, AL Some content in this zine is not recommended for viewers under the age of 18. viewer discretion is advised.


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